The fresh new gonostyli try highlighted in the purple, and certainly will end up being clearly found in recently mated queens

The fresh new gonostyli try highlighted in the purple, and certainly will <a href=""><img src="" alt="zoosk vs match"></a> end up being clearly found in recently mated queens

People genitalia away from Meters. fasciculata and you may procedures getting mating connect coupling. (A) Virgin ladies genitalia for the frontal consider. (B) Male genitalia out-of pre-copula male, handling the female genitalia. (C–E) Vaginal capsule, metasomal sterna S-VIII and you will S-IX. (F) Male genitalia undertaking the fresh new coupling of your own connect: ventral look at vaginal capsule and you may metasomal sternum S-IX projecting outside of the muscles of men of the a beneficial telescopic movement. (G) Men vaginal product isolated from male’s human anatomy, with penis regulators triggered, gonostyli up against the contrary position with regards to the original. (H) Metasomal sterna S-VIII and you will S-IX, where sternum S-IX assumes their amazing reputation for the male’s instinct. (I) Mating plug in detail, demonstrating the brand new lateral compression of gonocoxites. (J) The latest vaginal chamber out-of a great connected ladies: the membranous part which has this new mating plug attached.

In the non-Melipona varieties (F

longipes, S. aff. Postica, and P. minima), we noticed powerful dick regulators having intermediary curvature and you will a lesser spatha ( Contour step one)paring the general morphology of manhood valves and you will spatha out of Yards. fasciculata to another learned species, i found that one another M. flavolineata and you will Yards. seminigra possess narrow cock valves with low curve. not, M. seminigra features faster regulators than M. flavolineata, and a more successful spatha when compared with another Melipona ( Contour step one).

Description out-of hypothesized plugging measures

The last position of mating plugs into the mated people matched up new updates of your male’s instinct while in the copulation due to “J” direction and you can positioning around female’s abdomen ( Contour 4C). In most physogastric queens out of M. fasciculata, i observed the new mating plug linked to the membranous genital pockets by knob valves, into spatha surface founded towards the the female ventral section, placed directly under brand new gonopore ( Contour 3J). I suggest that the brand new mating plug mechanism was triggered when the male vaginal supplement was irreversibly protruded of male’s human anatomy, which leads to modified ranking of your gonostyli, knob regulators, and gonocoxites.

This new mating group of M. fasciculata, considering a video clip checklist out-of mating regarding a connected kinds. From top to bottom: (A) men in-flight, seeking reputation in itself across the people; (B) arranged men, appearing sets of ft fitting along the woman’s human body; (C) male improving the abdomen of your own women; (D) male making the female just after winning mating, that’s, the newest mating plug accessory. In every pieces, male wings is illustrated so you can portray the direction during the mating, centered on Supplementary Video S1 .

This new mating pair of M. fasciculata, considering a video clip listing off mating regarding an associated kinds. All the way through: (A) men in flight, looking to position alone over the female; (B) positioned male, showing pairs out-of legs fitting along the woman’s system; (C) male enhancing the abdomen of female; (D) male leaving the feminine after profitable mating, that is, brand new mating connect attachment. In every parts, men wings is portrayed so you can show its course throughout the mating, predicated on Secondary Movies S1 .

In line with the comparison between sleep condition regarding vaginal medications and brought about condition out of mating plugs, its functional morphology, along with video information to your mating behavior away from a closely associated species ( Secondary Clips S1 ), we suggest that causing from mating connect happens in 5 hypothetical actions ( Data step 3 and you may 4):

Once immobilizing the female body, the male inserts his metasomal sternum S-VIII within the female tergum T-VI, lifting it ( Shape 4C).

Since the women vaginal chamber try launched ( Contour 3A), a man gonostyli joins new female’s genital region. Once positioning the fresh new sternum S-VIII, the male metasomal sternum S-IX protrudes from the male’s body on the the fresh new woman’s genital chamber plus the genital medicine, of the an excellent telescopic movement ( Shape 3F). The installation out-of male genital tablet to your female genital chamber isn’t with the newest gonostyli, and that move backwards within the procedure, remaining away from lady vaginal chamber ( Profile 3G).

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