Sheldon is an Al-based companion who uses chat bot functionality to interact with candidates and employers.

He doesn’t generate just leads or qualified leads. He runs his proprietary match logic to zero in on the most suitable candidates. His Background verification engine ensures that only verified candidates get on-boarded.

With user-friendly On-boarding engine, Sheldon helps them with seamless self- onboarding. Sheldon’s role doesn’t end with hiring a candidate. He works tirelessly to record their daily attendance with a single motto: Candidates’ salary must get credited on time along with compliance. Every month. Flawlessly.

Sheldon comes handy in their times of dire need of money. He extends them salary advance, loans apart from their rightful cover under statutory dues and/or other insurance packages.

Sheldon tracks a candidate’s life cycle from hire to retire and becomes organisations go-to person to solve daily HR needs.


Recruitmentat Scale

Sheldon allows employers to hire workers in large volumes in a number of industries across India.

  • Reducing sourcing costs & turnaround times by up to 30%

  • Reduce dependence on hundreds of recruitment vendors

Automated contactlessonboarding

Sheldon enables KYC data collection, UAN no. creation, ESIC registration, Appointment letter generations & self onboarding of candidates in large volumes across the country.

  • Reducing backend team cost & turnaround times by up to 45%

  • Assembles all data in a single dashboard to get organizational analytics.


Sheldon gathers attendance data, fills it as per policy rules and creates payroll sheet as per organizational needs

  • Reducing processing time by more than 50%

  • Uploads data onto HRMS for advanced insights into the organization

DigitalCompliance management

Sheldon assembles all compliance data and assists with timely filling of all statutory compliances with minimal human intervention.

  • Minimizes time needed to generate UAN, ESIC Number and all other essential compliances by 70%

  • Reduce dependence on external vendors for compliance and also helps audit outsourced vendors compliances