General Staffing


Meraqui assumes the responsibility of all or part of temporary and permanent staffing solutions on your behalf. So that you may focus on your core business without having to worry about human capital and related issues.

The very fact that we assume accountability of the entire process or the task assigned to us, differentiates us from the other staffing companies and search providers. We can accommodate the productivity  and financial goals of your organization. Our specialist brands are experts in identifying staffing inefficiencies and providing ongoing workforce management solutions. From last-minute fill-ins to long-term strategic staffing plans; from a single high-level executive placement to a project team of specialists, our brands have developed effective strategies for finding and screening the most qualified staff based on our client’s needs.

For larger staffing projects we can offer both vendor on site and partial on-premise solutions. As part of its highly targeted consolidation model, the company not only brings experienced management with extensive staffing sector expertise, but a wealth of consultants and industry partners to effectively execute on various emerging opportunities within the high growth sector of our economy

Temporary and Permanent Staffing Solutions

Meraqui– Flexi Staffing Solutions

At Meraqui staffing solutions services, we assume the responsibility of recruitment of the staff as per the context and cultural requirement of your organisation.

Our reach and network enables us to source candidates, our technology matches the skill sets possessed by a candidate with your requirements to offer the right fitment for higher efficiency, and long term returns.

For all your temporary and permanent staffing solutions needs, you assign the task to us and rest assured, as it will be done in a faster, efficient, and hassle-free manner.

  • Improve Time to hire
  • Increase the quality of the candidate pool
  • Provide verifiable attendance data
  • Reduce costs
  • No hassle of Labour Union
  • Improve statutory Governmental compliance

Why Us?

  • Get trained by industry experts, learn skills that matter and be equipped to work all across India.
  • Meraqui training program prepares the candidates with relevant technical and professional expertise needed to work with clients all over India.
  • The multiple Training & Hiring Programs incorporate industry oriented curriculum that help candidates become job-ready.
  • Train candidates on industry-specific skill areas that are in demand by the relevant Industry.
  • We recognize that creating an environment that encourages and values equal opportunities within its workforce, and that builds on the differences individuals bring, will enable continued success for the company, its employees, and its clients.
  • Hard work is rewarded with career advancement.
  • We offer many of our employees temporary and permanent staffing solutions and the opportunity for personal growth, development, training, and the potential to earn a very high salary!
  • We don’t take ourselves too seriously here at Meraqui. We believe in the power of laughter, great communication, and a real sense of team spirit.
  • Our teams are very supportive to each other with a strong sense of camaraderie.
  • We hire people who are passionate and financially driven, and who take real pride in everything they do.