With the current market trends and changing dynamics you don’t want to carry full time employee with you for a long. Contract Staffing, Temp staffing , Flexi staffing is the solution for this changing market dynamics. Meraqui provides you contract resources as per your need and demand.

If you would like to enjoy the flexibility of building your staff, keeping your projects moving and assisting overloaded employees, Temporary Staffing may be your best option. We work closely with clients to identify, engage, train and retain successful people that organizations would need to create success stories. We offer a full-service, cost-effective, professional and efficient Human Resource management service to businesses that may not have the necessary infrastructure to carry out these tedious and labor intensive tasks themselves. When you sign us on, we take care of your total employee management of your temporary employees, including HR management, payroll and benefits administration.

How does the flexi-staffing model work in India?

Flexi-staffing or contract labor refers to an employment model where employees are hired by a staffing agency (contractor), and lent out to work at and under the supervision of a user company (principal employer). In such a model, the principal employer does not have any direct employment relationship with the flexi-employees, although they may be liable to fulfill certain limited legal obligations.

n India, the flexi-staffing industry employs more than two million workers in the organized sector – the majority of whom are aged 21-30 years. Most flexi-employees are employed in jobs such as data operations, accounts, sales, back end operations, administration, and marketing.

What is the impact on doing business in India?

With the introduction of GST, hiring flexi-staffing services will be more cost efficient for companies doing business in India as it ensures easy dispensability of employees, relatively cheaper workforce, low monitoring and administrative costs, as well as input tax credit benefits.

Firms operating using new age technology such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and block-chain as well as startups and firms engaged in emerging industries stand to gain from flexi-staffing as it helps them avoid the burden of hiring permanent employees in a volatile market, thereby minimizing liabilities.

Our Flexi Staffing Team is there to reduce the Human Resource Cost of your Business
  • We provide various HR Outsourcing (Temporary staffing ,Payroll Processing, Regulatory compliance, etc. ) services as per the clients need to carry out various functions.
  • To help in reducing work load of HR departments of various company’s by providing them specialized services.
  • To provide them above services at a better cost.
  • To provide them services with better experience and efficiency.
What are we delivering?
  • Delivering right resources.
  • Cost effective.
  • Organisations are getting relieved from managing certain non core activities.
  • Fast mobilisation.
  • Pan India Moblisation.
  • Capability of doing compliance on PAN INDIA basis.
  • Capability of doing mass recruitments to fulfill clients strategic growth demands.
  • Reducing the risk of clients to keep permanent inventory of people.

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