Campus Solutions


We bring the best students from top universities by campus solutions and provide them with Industrial training so they are job-ready and can lead to a better workforce for you organization. We ensure that the companies don’t have to worry about the skilled man-power throughout the campus recruitment process.

Campus solutions

We pride ourselves on providing the best candidates from all over India. Our skilled personnel, utilizing the latest communications, tracking and processing software, combined with decades of experience, ensure all work is done smoothly, delivering the best results to the organization.

Our process works on below 3 parameters:


We accelerate interview productivity and reduce bias in the hiring process, while simultaneously improving the quality of your hires with integrated assessments, structured feedback forms, and built-in scorecards.

Campus Hiring

With our carefully segregated list of campuses based on quality of students, location & placement records, you can precisely identify campuses that match your campus hiring needs.

Train & Hire

Tailoring programmes that address multiple issues, aligning to the current and future industry needs benefit employers & employees.
campus solutions

Campus Solutions Queries

Meraqui has a very systematic process through which they diligently hire and source the candidates to organizations.
After the deal is done, we make a contract with the client so that the communication is transparent throughout the process. We make sure that the client has all the details of what they are getting and how our process works.
Recruiters has a very strict process of screening the candidates, but you can still be hired if you have the following 5 skills. Soft Skills | Right Attitude | Additional Qualification | Career Management Skills | Time Management

Campus Solutions is able to connect companies and brands to these consumers with unique, customized programs that reach any span or budget, and which target the most valuable demographic to each client’s needs. From on-campus events to hiring, providing offer letter and giving the joining dates, every program is unique to the client and the candidates they are reaching for.

Criteria for Recruitment

The criteria for recruitment varies from company to company and from post to post. Many a times, this big companies recruit for various profiles from one college. Hence, obviously the criteria for each profile is different. However, there are a few things that are common to these processes. They are:

  • General eligibility criterion for most companies is 60% aggregate, i.e., your average percentage score in all semesters. However, some companies like Microsoft demand a 70% aggregate. So it is advisable to score at least above 60% right from the first semester and above 70% if you have great ambitions.
  • Another important thing is not having any active backlogs at the time of the placement season.
  • The general placement procedure for most colleges:-
    • Introduction of the company (Pre-placement Talk)
    • Aptitude test (and/ or Technical Test) (profile based)
    • Group Discussion (applicable for select companies)
    • Interview (Technical and/ or HR) (profile based)
  • The company representatives like to make sure that the candidate would fit into the work culture and team dynamics in the organisation.
  • Some qualities that hiring managers look for in their potential candidates are: Long-term potential, enthusiasm and passion, problem solving skills, patience, ambition, team player capabilities and positive attitude.