India has 450 MillionGig & Blue Collar Workers

Meraqui is bridging the gap between workers and businesses

 We at Meraqui offer Hire to Retire Life cycle management


We get you the job of your preference, matched to your skill, in your preferred location at the pay you deserve!


Learn all relevant skills new and old, on and off the job


Get financial freedom, investment solutions alongside many other benefits

More About Jobs

Is Your Business Growing, Need Workforce To Take It Ahead Faster?

Hire skilled talent across the country at scale & speed.

Is Onboarding Paper Heavy And Time Consuming Activity?

Put your workforce to work instantly and save money on resources needed to manage multi-locational onboarding seamlessly.

Is Your Tracking Workforce Attendance Stressful?

Access instant mobile attendance  for better with real-time insights on productivity, overtime & more.

Need Lot Of Time Or Large Team To Process Salaries?

Try our automated & secure salary calculation & disbursal platform.. make payroll stress free !!

Is Your Business Complaint Across All Statutory Laws?

Now comply with PF, ESI & all other laws and regulations throughout the country and track it on a dashboard seemlessly.

More About Skills

Train your workforce while they work

Upskilling made fun and easy with our solutions

Want Pre-Trained workforce

Our training centers will recruit and train to your needs.. Save money and time on induction and pre-training.

More About Money

Your staff needs loan, investment solutions

Early salary to formal loans accessible to your workforce alongside investment opportunities.. attrition loss reduced

Healthy team is happy team

Access to healthcare via cashless insurance, regular health checkups for the family and more.. improve team’s productivity drastically

Why Our Customers Love Us


Control of your workforce on a easy to operate dashboard

An intuitive blend of the automated and the human, our platform is a state of the art, accessible convergence point to hire & onboard talent from all over the country


Tech first at heart with practicality in mind

Our world-class UX combined with emerging technologies encourages ease-of-use and enables you to reap the benefits of our platform all the while maintaining a high level of security


Vital yet mundane activities automated

Geo-fencing, facial recognition, automated syncing of data, smart notifications with real-time insights and you have a powerful tool for effortless management

We Love

What We Do

We are an experienced organization steered by seasoned and senior Tech first approach HR professionals, with an aim to provide one stop solution for all your HR needs for your organization. We help to identify the best-fit talent for roles, across various levels. We get it right the first time, so you can plan for the future.




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